An Invitation

Join my BLOG and embark with me on my journey -- I'll tell you my story. We'll talk about dolls, their clothing and accessories with lots of photos to help.

Where are we Going?

“Everyone” knows I have collected vintage dolls for over 25 years now — composition dolls, baby dolls, ethnic dolls and more from the 1950s back to the 1920s — and that for at least 15 of them I have had the desire to publish a book that reflects my extensive research regarding the dolls that I have specialized in getting to know and understand — Effanbee, Ideal, American Character, Madame Alexander and Rare Dolls.

Writing a book is a huge undertaking; a few years ago I felt glad that ebooks were becoming so popular, as that would provide with a platform to publish outstanding photos of the dolls and their accessories that I have archived all these years — tens of thousands of them.

Time has a way of marching on, and my desire to begin an ebook was eclipsed by a concerted effort to retire and offer my collection of dolls and their myriad accessories for sale…

But the more I tried to move these little gems out of my home, the more seemed to come in the door — gems that needed documenting as rare finds, and little ‘Orphans’ that needed my attention to ‘make them the best they can be’ that they may last and be loved and appreciated for generations to come.

I have launched my own website — a lovely store whose ‘shelves’ are continually being stocked with dolls, their clothing and accessories from my vast inventory.

“LET THE CHIPS FALL WHERE THEY MAY”… unlike so many famed musicians and artists — my “FINAL WORLD TOUR” really is working its way to a finale so I can devote my time to more leisurely efforts to play with grandkids, my beloved dog, and most importantly, spend more time with my soul mate… a most special husband.

That being said, and announced to the World herein and now… EVERYTHING in my own private ‘DOLLY REALM’ will be offered FOR SALE. While I may pick up another ‘lost dolly soul’ to rescue here and there, I am only keeping TWO dolls in my FOREVER Collection, and a few ‘models’ for the clothes… the REST belong to you…

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